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 pokemon world

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PostSubject: pokemon world   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:19 pm

Name of the site: pokemon world



In no partuicular order. All rules are important.

1. No spamming. Spam is very annoying.
2. Try not to cuss too much. It is highly annoying to a few people.
3. No yaoi. Preferably, not too much love in general >_> This is about pokemon, not love. Save it for RPFI, you perverted son of aOMG ITACHI! *Runs off*

*Runs back holding a Bidoof* Whoops....Anyway

4. Stay true to your pokemon. In other words...NO GODMODING.
5. Unless you have permission or are special, you cannot have a super rare or legendary pokemon. *Rubs Dialga's head and feeds it a fishy :3*

6. No insulting other people, it is horrible and disrespectful. I WILL NOT ALLOW BULLYING OTHER MEMBERS. If you can't keep your mind shut, TAKE YOU AND YOUR ASS OUT OF THS FUCKING SITE!!

7. Have fun <3

Do You Have 400 Posts: yaaaa
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pokemon world
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