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PostSubject: Curse   Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:51 pm

The land was dark and only lit by the moon and stars. A young girl ran through a field quickly, trying to evade being captured. Her long black cloak made it a little hard to run since it was oversized. "Don't let her get away!" a man's voice yelled, not too far away. I don't want to die yet! the girl thought in fear as she tried to go faster. "Over there!" someone else yelled, closer to her.
Only a few seconds later, the girl felt a sharp pain in her back and knew it was an arrow. She quickly reached her hand to her back and then pulled it out quickly and continued running. She could hear the sound of armor coming closer to her as she began to slow down from exhaustion. She suddenly tripped and hit the grass with a loud thud. She closed her eyes and she knew she was surrounded by her pursuers.
"This one is a fast," a man said, panting. "Running for 7 hours straight, all the way across the country... This one is not ordinary," the leader said in an exhausted voice. "All the more reason to get rid of her," a 3rd guy said cooly. "Hn," was the sound that came from a 4th.
The girl opened her eyes and watched as a tall and thin guy raised a sword above her head and was preparing to bring it down on her skull. "May this help this cursed land," he said and then he brought it down.

Probably to be continued...
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