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 good vs evil

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PostSubject: good vs evil   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:55 am

Name of the site: Heaven is Your hell


Rules:These are the rules

1. Fight only in fighting topics, or if you get permission abuse towards others
3. no godmodding or over powering
4.treat admins or people in charge with respect

Creation rules
.1. give at least three sentences for bio
2. please stick to the template(allowed to add your own)
3. Character limits

    .........1 character - 0 posts
    .........2 characters - 15 posts
    .........3. characters - 50 posts
    .........4.Characters - 100 posts
    .........5. Characters - 250 posts
    .........6.characters - 380 posts

5. Create as many accounts as you want but stick to the character limits on each account

Do You Have 400 Posts:yes
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good vs evil
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